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Private homes, churches, universities, notable landmarks, and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places—PSR protects them all from the elements. This protection goes back to 1984 when a severe storm struck Columbia. Tim, framing homes at that time, began to repair hailstone-damaged roofs. The neighbors of homes he’d repaired asked him to repair their roofs. Calls kept coming and PSR had its start. It incorporated in 1988 and installed its first slate roof in 1989. PSR installed a large slate roof in Blythewood in 1990, beginning its specialization in slate. The main focus remains roofing, though PSR also does some remodeling, additions, and restoration work.

“We've helped our customers maintain and care for their slate and tile roofs for 25 to 30 years because they trust our honesty, opinion, and craftsmanship.”
—Tim and Beth Eich

PSR is a family business. Beth, an accountant, keeps the books, runs the office, and helps with estimating. The Eich’s know what to do, how to do it, and who performs highly specialized work, be it experts in stucco, iron, or masonry. So, if your home or building has sustained damage, Tim will get the right craftsmen from the various trades together and put things right again. PSR’s background speaks to longevity, expertise, and accomplishment—a perfect fit for a roofing company. Protection against the elements—it’s more than choosing a product. It’s choosing the right team.

PSR is experienced in renovation and restoring historic structures. Several projects include churches and homes on the National Register of Historic Places. Over the years PSR has done many restorations and repairs, not only to roofs but also to damaged custom cornices, gutter systems, siding, and other features on older or historic homes. Repairing trusses, framing, and rafter tails, PSR does that too.

Palmetto State Roofing, Inc. is a member of the National Slate Association.

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