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Palmetto State Roofing, Inc., established in 1984, installs roofs on new and existing structures—residential and commercial, big and small. It works with top-notch products, manufacturers, and slate quarries and installs superior, long-lasting roof systems—from simple to intricately detailed. PSR is a small business but unafraid of big projects. It has extensive knowledge of waterproofing and flashing details and what works for various roofing applications. PSR constructs all flashings in-house. Not all roofing materials are equal. Not all roofers are equal. Choose the best.

Learn more about some of PSR’s roofing materials.

Slate Roofs

Slate comes in many options and creates stylish, sophisticated, durable roofs. Available from quarries the world over, slate comes in various colors and sizes. Slate is as good as it gets and can last for 100 years or more. PSR’s workmanship and materials always complement the roof product and contribute to its long-lasting qualities. Palmetto State Roofing, Inc. is South Carolina’s slate roof specialist, and has installed thousands of squares of slate throughout the state.

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Tile Roofs

Like slate, tile comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. The most common tile materials consist of clay or concrete. Versatile, durable tile offers hundreds of choices for achieving that desired appearance. Many people are familiar with rounded “Spanish S” or the two-piece “Mission” or “Barrel” tiles. Tiles also come in flat styles.

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Metal Roofs

Available in aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper, metal roofing is fast growing in popularity and vastly superior to yesteryear’s tin roofs. Lightweight and durable, metal roofs withstand the elements and resist fire. With metal roofing’s various colors, finishes, and profiles (can simulate slate or tile), it can give your building a unique look. PSR has installed many types of copper roofs because of copper’s durability and enduring beauty. Copper has no paint to fade and enhances a building’s features and its architecture. Its green patina gives roofs a classic touch.

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Other Roofing Options & Services

PSR installs asphalt shingles, wood roofs, specialty, and traditional materials. PSR also makes and installs bay window roofs, custom made chimney caps, built-in gutter systems, and fascia mount gutter systems. It’s knowledgeable and experienced at applying coatings, primarily silicone, to older, low-slope roofs, single ply, and metal.

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Consulting is available when you aren’t sure what roof system best suits your particular situation. Palmetto State Roofing, Inc. is available to assist you in selecting the best roofing system for your specific needs. We will be here to service and help maintain your roof and gutter systems for years to come.

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